Our group of qualified accountants can assist the newly established and already existing organizations to implement an accounting system, maintain the entity’s accounting records in accordance with the Armenian Accounting Standards and Tax Legislation, as well as in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards, in particular render the following services:

  • Preparation and submission of tax reports
  • Accounting records of economic transactions in accordance with the RA Accounting legislation and international accounting standards
  • Provision of accounting reports
  • Implementation of requirements set forth in the Labor legislation, preparation of relevant documents in accordance with legislation
  • Preparation of documents related to accounting, arising out of civil law relations
  • Preparation of necessary contracts on civil law component of economic relations
  • Maintenance of mandatory registries and other record books as prescribed by the law
  • Implementation of complex works with state bodies, including tax authorities
  • Carrying out other duties of the accounting authority in accordance with the RA Law on Accounting
  • Calculation of inventory value
  • Preparation of a business plan
  • Internal audit

We help our customers to solve problems in tax field. In addition we perform tax reviews and tax planning of local and international operations. We also provide support during tax inspections. To ensure the success of your business it is very important to have informed and knowledgable tax consultants. Our knowledgable tax consultants facilitate the entrepreneur’s justified decision making process.

We provide the following tax services:

  • Tax dispute resolution
  • Prevention of unjustified actions of tax authorities
  • Participation in the process of tax inspection
  • Performance of tax studies with the objective of identifying tax risks related to our customers’ activities, assessing the level of tax compliance and suggesting directions for potential tax savings
  • Tax planning, tax consulting on profit tax, revenue tax, social insurance payments, as well as value added tax, excise tax, customs duties and fees
  • Tax consulting

Competently organised human resource records and administration will allow you to be legally protected during labour disputes and to be properly represented during inspections organised by state authorities within the framework of the law.

Human resource administration includes the following activities:

  • Implementation of formalities related to the origination, change, and termination of work relationships
  • Development of internal disciplinary rules
  • Development of working (shift) schedules
  • Assessment and formulation of heavy and harmful works
  • Suggestion of labour dispute resolution mechanisms
  • Development of full material liability contracts
  • Participation to inspections organised by state authorities within the framework of the law
  • Recruitement orders
  • Recruitement and vacation application forms
  • Accrued vacation days
  • Vacation orders
  • On-demand references on salary, etc.